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Nigelle DS Tender Feel Treatment

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Nigelle DS Treatment Tender Feel (TF) for color style is specially formulated to leave hair feeling soft. Nigelle DS specializes in providing manageability to the last half inch of tinted hair ends. The shampoo and treatment combination moisturizes and cares for hair ends and inner hair shafts. The Tender Feel (TF)formula contains gentle softeners (such as avocado oil, oleic acid sugar ester, cationic PPT) that hold moisture on the ends of hair. The effects are flexible and bouncy hair with a sleek look. Popular formula for color-treated hair. From the roots right though the ends, NIGELLE DS enhances the look, feel and manageability of color-treated hair. Nigelle DS products are committed to beautiful hair. Our stylists love the extra silky and smooth effects of the Nigelle DS Shampoo and Nigelle DS Treatment. Also working wonders on all naturally dry hair, Nigelle DS Treatment leaves hair silky soft and light. Nigelle DS Shampoo is ideal for all chemically damaged hair.

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