Phyto Phytokeratine Extreme Exceptional Mask


This exceptional regenerative treatment for ultra-dry, brittle and damaged hair works to repair and transform hair instantly and over time. The sumptuous, melt-in formula envelops each fiber in prodigious nutrition, restoring elasticity and strength to renew hair with ultimate softness, suppleness and shine. The ultra-rich formula is designed to replenish and regenerate hair without weighing it down. This treatment envelops the hair fiber to transform even the most damaged hair while infusing deep-down repair and nutrition. This exceptional mask delivers serious repair, hydration and featherweight softness with dazzling shine. Designed for clients with ultra-dry, brittle and damaged hair of all hair types —even the finest hair. The botanical keratin used by phyto consists of 18 amino acids derived from wheat, corn and soy. It is the only keratin on the market that perfectly imitates the natural keratin found in hair, working to fill the gaps in the cortex and replaces lost amino acid.

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